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The GB women’s handball team is turning up the heat in light of the needed preparations for the London 2012 Olympics. As they are the host team, the pressure to play well, if not win, is great. The team was only established in 2007 which makes this feat even more of a challenge.
The team started with three players from Denmark and the remaining 18, needed to make up the squad of 21, were found after attracting the attention of top-level talent scouts. This remarkable team is based at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre and is coached by Jesper Holmris, who has been with them since the beginning.
In the four years the team has played together they have faced fund cuts and have had to make personal sacrifices both of which have brought them closer together.
The team performed well in the November 2011 London Handball Cup and showed the potential that they have for future success. With all the preparations going on and with the invaluable insight given from Jesper Holmris, the team promises to make a name for themselves in the upcoming international events. Some of the top competition they will be facing in 2012 will be from long established teams from Austria, China, and Slovakia. We will continue to watch their progress and view what steps they take in order to become one of the finest in the world.

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