Pacquia Wins Against Marquez        

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This is not the first time that the two boxing titans, Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez have come head to head. It's the third - and some may say - decisive battle between the duo with their amazing fights having taken place in international locations and been watched and celebrated by all. Stepping back in time, this fight has the tale markings of a previous bout that went on between these two stars in 2004, in which Pacquiao knocked Marquez down 3 times early on in the fight. The pair reconvened in 2008 and Pacquiao again took the prize home, removing a featherweight title from the legendary Marquez.
Before this fight, Marquez boldly stated to the world that he felt he had won the last two fights, and he was back to try and affirm that to the world. And then an unfortunate coincidence occurred. Joe Frazier, one of the stars of the infamous Thrilla in Manila's, died a few days before the fight. Now all eyes were on Marquez and Pacquiao as they have an enormous amount in common with the most historical fight in boxing history. Pacquiao entered the ring comically and with celebration, already assuming that he would win the fight. Manny's confidence struggled to take the fight home for him, and if nothing else showed off his overconfidence and gall, but the Filipino boxer still struggled to victory.
All things considered, the fight was pretty tight. Heavy punches from Marquez rained down throughout the fight, but only landed on ready gloves. Pacquiao was there with the quick combos, but this time his opponent's gloves were there to block. The fight was so close that Pacquiao only won the bout with a series of quick punches that bamboozled Marquez. Neither of the fighters managed to wipe the other one out and it was a close encounter. Though most of the world was behind the dreaded Pacman, Marquez gave a surprisingly good account of himself, especially considering the challenge he had to face.

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