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Manchester United has always been the all-time favourite team to win the Barclays Premier League. With their history of exceptional match performances and dazzling array of skilled players, the team have consistently proved themselves more than worthy contenders for the Premier League “crown” from year to year. Last season, their stellar path to victory seemed certain, undeniable. That was until Manchester City pummelled the previously undefeated champions, winning 6-1 on Sunday, 23 October.
The fall-out from this epic and unpredicted victory resulted in a complete re-evaluation of the team's chances of winning the coveted Premier League title. While Manchester UnitedImage By: 99 James Kieran Nguyen boasts a spectacular set of expert strikers and midfielders, who storm the pitch with unchallenged ferocity and passion at each game, Manchester City has no such illustrious line-up of big names. However, the team fully makes up for this lack in “star-player” quality with a strict focus on playing in a tight and closely co-ordinated formation, much to their credit. Their tactics have paid off well, working wonders in their match against Manchester United and considerably boosting their morale in their bid for the most notorious of football prizes.
The Premier League “arena” has now been remade. Over the last few years, United and Chelsea have dominated the competition, battling each other fiercely, frequently making it through to the finals. This year, however, may see a break with that tradition, as this latest victory over Manchester United proves that Manchester City are truly a force to be reckoned with, alongside these seemingly unstoppable super-squads. What will happen if all three teams make it to the knockout phase? Then we will truly see a Clash of the Titans: the climax of a very exciting year for the Premiership.

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