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The Olympic Games are on their way to London this summer and with them will come millions of visitors to the capital. Though this will make for an economic boon, a great atmosphere all across the city and a memorable month of sports it will Image By: Rareclassalso cause serious concern for those working and living in London as to how their own schedule may be affected. With 4 million the official rough estimation for those coming to London between 27 July and 12 August later in the year this concern is fair, particularly for those commuting to the City from areas around the East End where the main Olympic activity will be going on.
Luckily great endeavours are being made to keep things running as smoothly as possible all across London's vast and complex public transport system. The tube will be starting as usual each day at around 5.30am for most routes but will have its closing time extended by one hour to make up for the huge numbers travelling through the city, particularly on the central line. The tube will, Image By: coolinsightshowever, be extremely busy throughout the month and changes are likely to occur on a day to day basis to make up for sudden surges in use. One potential alternative would be for Londoners to catch a bus. London public transport bodies are adding a large number of buses onto the most affected routes during the games and it may be a good way to avoid overcrowded tube carriages.
As many of the plans for public transport routes are yet to be finalised by authorities it is worth keeping up to date with all changes on the official source of transport information for the London Olympic Games which can be found at http://www.getaheadofthegames.com/. This site brings together all of the information on tube changes, extra bus routes and booking river or national rail services during the Olympics. It also keeps you up to date with all information pertaining to transport concerns in other parts of the UK like Cardiff, Manchester and Glasgow.
Make sure you stay one step ahead throughout this hugely busy time by getting all the relevant information as soon as it comes out. Plan ahead and make sure the Olympics do not disrupt your travel timetable.

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